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Health Promotion Agency (HPA) - Crown Entities Reform Bill

The Government has introduced legislation to establish a new Health Promotion Agency (HPA) with the intention that it will be up and running by the middle of 2012. The Crown Entities Reform Bill covers the Health Promotion Agency and reforms some other crown organisations, including bringing together the Health Sponsorship Council, ALAC and some functions of the Ministry of Health into the HPA. The Bill is being considered by the Government Administration Select Committee (not the Health Select Committee).

The Bill amends the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 to establish the HPA. Clause 6 includes:

“HPA must lead and support activities for the following purposes:

“(a) promoting health and encouraging healthy lifestyles:

“(b) preventing disease, illness, and injury:

“(c) enabling environments that support health and healthy lifestyles:

“(d) reducing personal, social, and economic harm.”

Some people have asked us whether the HPA will include HPF. It won’t. The HPA will be a crown entity established by Parliament and is part of the government. HPF is a non-governmental organisation, an incorporated society with a membership of about 150 organisations.

As at 20 December 2011, the closing date for submissions had not been announced

Here is the HPF draft submission (PDF). We welcome your comments – please send to

Here are some questions you might like to think about in preparing your submission.

  • The proposed purposes of the HPA are set out in the Bill. Should the current wording be strengthened? For example, might the Ottawa Charter be used and if so, how? Should there be specific reference to health equity and determinants?
  • Should there be a more details and additional description about the functions of HPA?
  • Should there be specific reference to how the HPA will set priorities?
  • There are existing provisions in the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 that health services are to improve Maori health and reduce disparities. How might this be put into practice by the HPA? What are the links with Whanau Ora?
  • How might the HPA relate to the Ministry of Health and the wider health promotion and public health sector? Should the HPA be a major Funder of health promotion activities?
  • What might be its role around policy advice and designing and implementing solutions?
  • What are the lessons to learn from the history of the previous Public Health Commission?
  • How might the HPA add value to current work? What might be the effects of bringing together government organisations which focus on specific issues (e.g. alcohol, smokefree) into an agency with a broader focus? What might be the impact on funding and work currently being done by ALAC, the Health Sponsorship Council and sections of the Ministry?
  • Should the HPA be part funded by a levy on tobacco as well as a levy on alcohol?
  • What might be the risks and how can these be mitigated? What might be ways of protecting the HPA from untoward pressure by some industry interests?
  • How might the HPA best function in a context of reduced state expenditure and especially in the context of reductions in funding for health promotion?
  • What are other key issues?

Links for more information about the Health Promotion Agency

  • The progress through Parliament of the Crown Entity Reform Bill.We have been told that the closing date for submissions to the Government Administration Select Committee in the new Parliament will be set when the Committee first meets.

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