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Leadership Training for Māori in Public Health

This training programme will introduce a variety of key themes and concepts relating to Māori health and development in order to encourage greater leadership amongst Māori working in Public Health.

Digital will facilitate this programme, which will include some of the country’s foremost leaders in different aspects of leadership and Māori health.

Grant Berghan and Tania Hodges (facilitators) believe “more than ever, we need strong Māori leadership in health. The current environment requires Māori leaders to step up to the plate and deliver on behalf of their people. This programme will assist that process”.

Enrollments for 2014 now open.
For information about the programme themes, dates and particpant eligibility visit the website.

Health Promotion Tertiary Training

There are a wide range of training courses at Universities, Polytechnics, Institute of Technology, Wanangas and Colleges of Learning which offer undergraduate and postgraduate papers and courses related to Health Promotion, public health and health and wellbeing. Please contact individual websites to find details of curriculum content, delivery and enrolment. See our list by clicking here or contact our Workforce Development Health Promotion Strategist ph 09 531 5500.

Public Health Tertiary Training

The Public Health Workforce Development web site has a searchable database to help you find the courses that might be right for you. Visit their tertiary training database.

Overseas opportunites

The increasing number of on-line Health Promotion and Public Health courses from other countries are too numerous to list here Health promoters can seek for accredited courses in the country of choice.

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