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Pacific Health Promotion Models

Exploring the Whanau Ora Policy for Pacific health Promotion

Workshop held in Porirua March 15 2011. The presenter was Sione Tu'itahi of HPF.
Sione presented Fānau Ola: A Pasifika Perspective on Whānau Ora; below are his text and power point presentations.

Fānau Ola power point presentation in pdf format
Fānau Ola A Pacific Perspective on Whanau Ora (text version to come)

Pacific Health Promotion Models

Workshop held at the Wellington campus Massey University, 7 September 2009. The presenters were Ieti Lima, Sione Tuitahi, both of the HPF, and Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann, a Pacific health consultant. Ieti gave an overview as to why we need Pacific health promotion models. Fuimaono presented on Fonofale, a model that he led its development in the 1980s. Sione presented on Fonua, a model that he developed and introduced into the public health sector in 2007.

Overview of Pacific Health Promotion - Ieti Lima
Fonofale Model - to be read in conjuction with the Explanation - Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann
Fonua Model - Sione Tuitahi

Participants at the Pacific Health Promotion Models Workshop
Christchurch May 2010

Sione Tu'itahi middle, Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann right



"Seitapu - sei is a flower worn in your hair, tapu is the sacred position of the flower on the head, put together it is a strong force of beauty, spirituality and power." Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann

Seitapu consists of a framework of cultural competencies covering core and essential skills. The framework is not restricted to the workforce alone. Instead, the framework focusses on broader interactions with people, covering key theme areas of working with families, language, tapu considerations and organisations. Seitapu framework

Exploring Pacific Health Promotion Approaches

This workshop, held in Hastings, 27 April 2009, was a collaboration between the Health Promotion Forum, Pasifika@Massey, and the Hawkesbay Pacific Health Service. Dr Ieti Lima, Senior Health Promotion Strategist - Pacific, and Mr. Sione Tu'itahi. Facilitated two sessions, one for the health workers and one for community leaders and families.

Health Promotion for Pacific Peoples - Sione Tu'itahi


Research and Pacific Health Promotion

This workshop, held in Wellington, on 15 April 2009 was collaboration between Pasifika@Massey and the Health Promotion Forum.

Dr. Rizvan Firestone, Pacific researcher at Massey University, Dr. Ieti Lima, Senior Health Promotion Strategist - Pacific at the Forum, and Mr. Sione Tu'itahi, Workforce Development and Communications Manager, co-facilitated the workshop.


Pacific Cultural Competencies

A Literature Review

An overview of the literature on Pacific cultural competence in health care including definitions of Pacific cultural competence, rationale for and benefits of cultural competence, competence measures and mechanisms, role of Pacific cultural competence in service quality and recommendations for the New Zealand health and disability sector.

The full literature review can be found on the Ministry of Health website



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